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Save You Thousands On Your Wedding Photography


How do I save you thousands of pounds on your wedding photography?

I have been doing wedding photography across Scotland at a professional level since 1988. One of the first questions I’m always asked is “how much do you charge”? Then I’m told how they’ve been quoted ridiculous prices by high street photographers & by that I mean over £2,000!

I have never been asked if I was a qualified photographer, if I’m insured, if I pay tax or if I’m a full time wedding photographer. The answer is yes to all these questions apart from the full time wedding photographer.

I’m part time with no overheads, this is how I can charge about 75% LESS than many photographers, not because my work is less quality. If I honestly thought it would make a difference saying I was full time I could easily mislead clients but I’m not that kind of guy.

Let me clarify, a photographer who has a full time business with premesis etc has to charge far more than me, not because he’s so many times better but because it has to pay for his living & everything that goes with that.

I have a home office/studio where clients can visit for a coffee prior to booking their wedding photos & where I do all my editing so you don’t have to pay any rent for premises, electricity etc.

I have no staff you have to pay wages or pensions for. I don’t spend money on advertising as most of my work comes in by word of mouth , so you don’t have to pay for me to drive & set up a stall at wedding fayres across the country.

As this isn’t my main income the financial pressure is off, you’re not paying inflated prices to pay for my mortgage, bills, car, holidays, etc etc. I also don’t need to do 40-50 weddings a year to keep my house, this means I have more time for YOU.

Think about this, it makes perfect sense. Because of all these factors I’m usually fully booked up 1 year to 18 months in advance, that doesn’t happen if you’re not running a business properly, please read my reviews.

I’m now booking for 2019 & look forward to hearing from you for your no obligation quote.

Finally, thank you to Gordon & Marissa Reid for allowing me to use this pic from their wedding. Sports fans might recognise big Gordon, he’s currently a Scottish international rugby player.